The First Emperor

New Game Under Development

We are pleased to announce that our next game project "The First Emperor" is now under development.

Take a look at the game trailer



About Us


We specialise in the development of 3D PC games using Epic's Unreal Engine (UDK) and the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). We are based in Perth West Australia and can also conduct or advise on courses with respect to games development for TAFE, School and University.


Furthermore we can create training software, simulations and media film products based on 3D PC games technology. For example Formula 1 drivers use simulators to familiarise themselves with the car, the same could be applied to any environment where it is beneficial for an employee to familiarise themselves in the workplace.

For example :

  • simulating real world machinery or any large scale environment requiring a real world scale and perspective (e.g. mining or manufacturing)
  • police reconstructions
  • medical training including the micro, internal or external world perspectives
  • enhance film and television production through the use of games technology to reconstruct real events whether they are historical, fictional or based on fact
Our game Zulu Response is a realistic game that utilises real world images, maps and satellite imagery to construct an environment that replicates the 1879 battlefields.



PC Games

We are currently developing a single and multiplayer Tactical First Person Shooter based on the Zulu Wars of 1879. Previously we created a range of games for the iPhone and iPad.
To find out more about our games, please visit the game's web site via the links below,

Zulu Response

Toy Wars Invasion

Tactical First Person Shooter

From 1879 Zulu Wars of Africa

View on Steam Store

Action Game

4 man co-op FPS

Released and available on Steam